ep4 - Induction Stoves

Are you interested in switching to an electric induction stove from gas?

Here's everything you need to know about the newer induction electric stoves. In this video, we clear up: - How do energy efficient induction stoves work? - What are the advantages of induction stoves over gas? - What are the serious health effects that can be caused or worsened by gas stoves? - What chemicals may be released in the home by gas stoves when in/or not in use? - Why are induction stoves safer than gas and electric stoves? - What green-house gasses are emitted from gas stoves? - Are there rebates? Induction electric stoves are more energy efficient than gas and electric stoves and can boil water or heat up food much faster than both. They also are healthier than gas stoves because gas leaks can occur when idle and/or outgassing when in use. Induction electric stoves are safer than gas or electric because energy is transferred to the pot by an electromagnetic field, so the glass surface of the burner never gets hot like an electric stove and the stove turns off after the pot is removed.


Homeowner Katie Booth and retired pediatric dermatologist, Dr. Mary Williams share their experiences switching over to induction electric stoves. We also discuss the dangers of having a gas stove in our home for our families’ health and for the health of our community."

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