ep3 - Solar (Basics)

Solar Panels & Solar Battery Storage

On the fence about solar panels and solar battery storage? This episode talks about the benefits of going solar at a time when gas prices keep rising, severe weather events cause more energy black outs and reducing our carbon footprint is vital for the future. This episode answers the questions: How affordable is getting rooftop solar & solar battery storage? How do solar panels work? How is solar energy dispersed within our home electrical system? What is the process for getting solar panels and solar batteries? How to use solar battery storage in the event of a power outage? How does home solar work with electrical providers? How does home battery storage units work, especially to maximize savings? What kind of tax rebates are there for solar panels and solar batteries?


Constance Beutel, solar energy homeowner and Jeremy Carlock, Got Watts founder, share their knowledge and experience of how to switch to rooftop solar and solar battery storage units.

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