What can and can't be composted

 This video clears up confusing things like: which bins do I put milk cartons, waxy take-out containers, paper coffee cups, or dog waste in?

Episode 1

This You Tube takes a deep dive into the new expanded compost law SB1383 and answers the questions; why did this happen, where does all that new compost go, and what are the benefits? Guest Marie Knutson, recycling coordinator for Republic services, speaks candidly about all of this and gives you good tips to figure out what to do with any waste you encounter. Featured in the video/podcast is how Californians are following this new law using supplied containers.  There are other creative ways including worm composting that it briefly explains.  It also discusses the big advantages of getting edible food and  soiled food waste products that create climate warming methane out of our landfills.